No matter how successful it has made you...
your past experience won’t ensure success
in this new world.

- Ram Charan





As leaders, what happens when we stop learning?

I often ask C-Levels during management audits: What business book are you reading now?

The usual response: Silence and looking down at the floor.

If you were me, what would that tell you?



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* Fortune Magazine called Ram Charan the most influential consultant in the world. His clients include the CEOs of many of the world’s leading corporations.

Charan is also a sought-after speaker and the author of 18 best-selling business books, including: Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done with co-author Larry Bossidy; Know-How: The 8 Skills That Separate People Who Perform from Those Who Don't; and The Attacker's Advantage: Turning Uncertainty into Breakthrough Opportunities (where this statement was found.)

Following studies in India, Charan graduated from and later taught at Harvard Business School.