The Mayor and the River Jumper

THE SIRENS OUTSIDE STARTED US ALL. First one police car. Then many more. Then fire trucks. It seemed to go on a long time and then ended suddenly. No one knew why.

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter and many of his chief deputies were in the room at the time and the phones came out, all texting furiously to find out what was happening.

Later, the Mayor told us a man led police on a wild car chase only to get boxed in by the Schuylkill River. The weather for days had been freezing and there was ice in the river. That didn't stop the suspect from running from his car and jumping into the river in an attempt to swim away from police. He didn't get far.

"At times," the Mayor said, "Everybody needs an exit strategy. As exit strategies go, that guy's wasn't very good."

"I hope," he continued, "to make my exit a little smarter."

Mayor Nutter will leave office in January 2016 when his second term expires.


UPFRONT | From an executive session I participated in at Drexel's LeBow College of Business recently.