YOU DON'T BUILD A BUSINESS: Zig Ziglar on How It Really Happens

You don’t build a business —

you build people

and then people build the business.

— Zig Ziglar *

TOO FEW BUSINESSES ADEQUATELY TRAIN THEIR NEW HIRES IN ANY ORGANIZED OR DISCIPLINED WAY. Instead, they often push people into jobs and expect them to figure things out. Sometimes it works... sometimes not.

Perhaps as Zig suggests, we need to re-think the way we build people — finding ways to orient, engage, mentor and nurture them better from the start. It's not impossible or prohibitively expensive. Many good companies have figured it out.

What difference might it make to your company’s future, growth and profitability if you prioritized helping new people master skills faster and then kept developing them consistently? How about increased productivity? Lower turnover? Better customer service? More promotable candidates from within?

Just wondering. Maybe better training should be on next year's priority list. 

Carl Francis

* THE LATE ZIG ZIGLAR WAS A BELOVED AND RESPECTED AMERICAN AUTHOR AND MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER. He taught millions around the world how to lead, sell, and relate better to others.

Proudly hailing from Yazoo City, Mississippi, Ziglar worked his way up from salesman in a succession of companies to become head of his own worldwide leadership training organization. Known for his down-home humor, inspiring stories, and unusual wisdom, Ziglar published more than 14 best-selling books.