PAST MISTAKES... Dr. Dale Turner

SOME OF THE BEST LESSONS WE EVER LEARN are learned from past mistakes.

THE ERROR OF THE PAST is the wisdom and success of the future.

  — Dr. Dale Turner



People want new knowledge: things we didn't know before; things others don't know; things that are amazing... and recent. Don't bother me with lessons from the past.

The reality is that to be wise — and savvy — we need both old and new knowledge: what was once learned combined with what we are learning now. 

Yet in too many organizations, there is little mix of old and new knowledge. For some, only the old is valued. In others, only the new matters.

As a leader, how are you treating old and new knowledge in your organization? Is there room for both? Are both important?

 Carl Francis
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THE REV. DR. DALE TURNER (1917-2006) was a longtime minister and columnist whose wise words and unfailing optimism touched generations of Seattle-area residents.

Turner inspired thousands with his gentle humor and down-to-earth messages that spoke to life's important values and how to live by them.

Be kind, he would say. Everyone you meet is carrying a heavy burden.