TALKS | Talk Topics for 2018


Carl Francis  | CEO Envisian

Carl Francis | CEO Envisian




  • Leading Growth: 17 Strategies to Get Your Company Growing Faster
  • Dead Ahead: 13 Forces That Could Kill Your Business in The Next 10 Years
  • 9 Powerful Strategies for 2018 That Will Transform Your Company and Your Results
  • Critical Situations: Leaders Under Siege
  • Why Some Leaders Are Years Ahead: Surprising new research that you can put to work in your company immediately
  • Re-inventing Business Planning for Leaders: New leadership tools to help you diagnose, plan and deliver better than ever
  • Strategic Advantage: 3 Ways to Create It, Capitalize On It and Keep It Going
  • Leading Strategically: 4 Ways to Think, Plan and Act More Strategically
  • Branding Strategically: 5 Things You Need to Know When It's Time to Update Your Brand 


  • Advising Clients About Growth: Exclusive Advisers' Guide to Helping Your Clients Grow
  • Critical Situations: Helping your clients during trying times
  • Advising Strategically: Becoming A More Valuable and Effective Adviser
  • Clients in Decline: Dealing With Clients Whom The World is Leaving Behind

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